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Jason Roberts

Jason is one of the two co-founders of the Techzing Tech Podcast. Jason is from Chicago before moving to Pasadena California for the nice weather. Jason coined the terms Luck Surface Area, Pinning It and Ring the Bell. Jason writes the show-notes for each podcast as well as collecting links and organizing interviews.

His blog is at and he is @exojason on Twitter.

Startup Projects

  • AppIgnite - Tool to help build web apps (alpha)
  • AnyFu - Expert marketplace (launched)
  • Catalyst - Teaching kids to code! (launched)
  • Preezo - Web-based presentation platform
  • The Secret Project: Vortex (prototype)

In-Flight Projects

  • Clouseau - Uber node.js profiler
  • Differ - Uber node.js module to show/apply differences between Javascript objects
  • QuantFire - Little web-based, data mining platform

Projects Ideas

  • MemoryHole - System to help solidify memorization of key facts/events/topics
  • Zombie Apocalypse Simulator - Simulate the zombie apocalypse as a way to get lots of attention on Hacker News


  • Cobalt - Semi-pro soccer team Jason founded
  • Script Writing
  • Algorithmic Trading
  • Trading Learning Platform
  • Created the Renaissance Research Group, LLC with Phil Aman

Famous Blog Posts

Uses This

Jason uses a top of the line (for 2013) 27” iMac and is a devoted Desktop user.


  • Likes to talk. A LOT.
  • Has a habit of over committing to projects and ideas.
  • Does not drink Alcohol.
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