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Justin Vincent

Justin is one of the two co-founders of the Techzing Tech Podcast. He grew up in the UK and Ireland (hence the accent) before immigrating to the USA. Justin performs all of the post recording editing of the show and cleans it up. Its his dedication that makes the audio such high quality.

His blog is at and he is @justinvincent on Twitter.

Startup Projects

  • AnyFu - Expert marketplace (launched)
  • Digedu - k12 education platform (launched)
  • Pluggio - Social media dashboard (launched)
  • Swarm - iPad board game (launched)
  • Skyboard - Virtual focus group tool (prototype)
  • MealReal - Diet photo journaling app (prototype)

Open Source Projects Mentioned on the Show

  • ezSQL - open source PHP mySQL library (launched)
  • DoubleDollar - open source Javascript framework/library (prototype)

Famous Blog Posts


  • Virtual Irish Pub
  • All Channels
  • TweetBoard
  • Moneypenny - Justin's band (circa 2000) Music Downloads
  • Weight Loss & personal Fitness

Uses This

Justin uses a Macbook for development work.


  • Has a habit of jumping on any new “thing” and getting really into it for a short time.
  • Tends to get discouraged when having personal work critiqued by others.
  • Good Guy Justin, tends to avoid conflict.
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