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Reviews (What People Are Saying About Techzing)

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A must-listen for any tech entrepreneur/enthusiast

(by Philippe Monnet)

Listening to TechZing is like sitting down for coffee with Jason Roberts and Justin Vincent to share tips and proven approaches / practices for developing an idea into a successful tech web business.

Unlike other shows on tech and startups, Jason and Justin have found the right mix of interviews and discussion topics to convey important concepts through stories as well as through obligatory tangents.

Listen to the show and you will feel like you were hobnobbing with fantastic entrepreneurs (like Jason Cohen, Peter Cooper, Isaac Garcia, Arnulf Hsu, Jeff Haynie, Jessica Mah, Patrick McKenzie, Pete Michaud, Tayor Norrish, Peldi, Rob Walling, Gabriel Weinberg), angel investors and VCs(like Derek Sivers, Travis Kalanick), as well as other technologists.

Try it and soon it will become your favorite tech podcast!

Peek behind the entrepreneur curtain with this absorbing and amusing tech podcast

(by Alex Gemmell)

For years now Justin and Jason have informed and entertained thousands of listeners with their discussions about current tech news and interviews with some of the biggest names in tech. Where they excel is when they ruthlessly dissect their own entrepreneurial journeys, exposing the “secret formula” for everyone to learn from. Listeners are encouraged to comment and their feedback is often used and credited on the show. Occasionally lucky listeners will even appear on the show!

What you witness when listening to TechZing is the reality of running bootstrapped businesses, keeping up-to-date with the latest tech news and where it might take us, and the childlike pleasure that two experienced geeks get from the rapidly moving boom in technology.

As you listen, you too will get caught-up in their journeys. You will laugh, you will cry, but mostly, you'll learn. Get some TechZing!

Relaxing, informative and keeps me updated about what's going on in the tech world

(by Gazi Alankus)

I used to be a freelance programmer and later switched to academia. A major thing that I miss is the sweet excitement of working for myself, while following the latest frameworks and creating cool stuff with them. It's hard to follow what's going on in the world of programming and entrepreneurship unless either you are actively developing new apps, or you have a couple of buddies that keep you informed about what's going on. Justin and Jason perfectly fit the latter role for me. They have an eye on the latest technologies, they use them in their projects and talk about their experiences in the podcast in a no-bull fashion. Every now and then I need to create a small project and I feel like I make better decisions thanks to the experiences that Justin and Jason passed on through the podcast.

In addition to the useful information that they deliver, the friendly chat that they have going in the podcast is another thing that I look forward to in every episode. My commute gets ten times better when there is a new Techzing episode. It's just like giving two close buddies a ride and listening to them having a delightful chat.

I've tried a lot of podcasts, and Techzing is one of the few that is really sincere. Keep up the good work Justin and Jason!

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